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Covenant, the global Jewish magazine, uses the speed and ubiquity of the web to tie together Jews with the most compelling writing of the day. Covenant's goals are to include Jews in discussions that are often fragmented; promote honest controversy and new ideas, responsible in tone and with conviction; and to bridge the gaps that divide Jews against each other--in religion, politics, culture and geography....[more]

The Zionism of Orde Wingate: A Complex Origin
Aaron Eitan Meyer

Orde Charles Wingate was a passionate Christian Zionist, whose innovative military genius would find root in Israeli military doctrine--an effect that lasts to this day. However, the origins of his Zionism are often simplified, or overlooked entirely. This article will seek to examine the complex factors that led this man, whose personal history should have inclined him to be pro-Arab, to become one of modern Judaism’s greatest friends. ..[more]

Jewish Identity in China: A Chinese View
An Tifa, translated by Tiberiu Weisz

This article under its original title “A Group of Jewish Descendents from Kaifeng Want to Immigrate to Israel, but Their Identity Is in Doubt” was published in 21st Century World in Chinese and on the internet at: http://www.sina.com.cn/c/2002-08-06....[more]



Volume 3, Issue 1
August 2009 - Av 5769
The Zionism of Orde Wingate: A Complex Origin
Aaron Eitan Meyer
Defining the Jewish People: Why Are This People and This Nation Different from All Other Peoples and Nations?
Ami Isseroff
Interview with Marcella Servi Siegel: Under the Tuscan Thumb: A Holocaust Survivor’s Tale from Pitigliano, Italy
Interview Conducted by Judith Roumani and Jacques Roumani
Turkey’s Invitations to Nazi-Persecuted Intellectuals Circa 1933: A Bibliographic Essay on History’s Blind Spot
Arnold Reisman
Walter Gottschalk: A Pioneer of Modern Library Science and His Interactions with Albert Einstein During the Nazi Era
Arnold Reisman
Jewish Identity in China: A Chinese View
An Tifa, Translated from Chinese by Tiberiu Weisz
The Rise and Fall of a Facebook Hate Group
Andre Oboler
Remembering Through Dolginov What the World Has Forgotten
Barry Rubin
From Zliten to Zetan: The Journey of a Libyan Jewish Community and a Tale of Lag B’Omer
Judith Roumani
Judaïsme : exil, déplacement
Naïm Kattan
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