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Volume 1, Issue 2 (April 2007 / Iyar 5767)
Editors' Note

Covenant: A Global Jewish Magazine

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (April 2007 / Iyar 5767)

We, the editors, are proud to bring you the second issue of Covenant, published at the Gloria Center (Center for Global Research in International Affairs) of the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, Israel. As in our first issue, published a few months ago, we aim to bring our readers a gamut of challenging ideas relating to the issues facing Jews around the world today. If you, the reader, enjoy Covenant, please
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The intellectual ferment of the unfortunately interesting times we live in means that we often encounter ideas we may not agree with but must accommodate nevertheless. Thus, the editors may not necessarily agree with everything published herein, but we think it important for well thought out ideas to clash and possibly generate new ideas.

The articles in this issue cover a range of topics: from Jewish history to a study of twenty-first century antisemitism. All but two of them deal with Europe in some shape or form. David Pryce-Jones examines the role of scholarly Orientalism in shaping a French foreign policy hostile to Israel, while Shmuel Trigano discusses the future of the French Jewish community, shaken to its foundations for the first time since the Holocaust. Thus, two of our articles deal with Jewish issues in France, one of the most important Jewish communities.

Rory Miller discusses whether there is a connection between British anti-Zionism and antisemitism;Petra Marquardt-Bigman reveals the German playwright Gunter Grass’s selective sincerity about his Nazi associations, expressed in a recent incident; Milton Shain examines South African antisemitism; while Rita Simon, a law professor, and Jeffrey Schaler, a psychologist, give an overview of twenty-first century antisemitic expressions in Europe. One thus might call this second issue the issue on antisemitism. Covenant’s style, by the way, calls for omitting the hyphen and the capital letter in ‘antisemitism’, to emphasize that the modern version is directed against Jews rather than against all Semites.

Another theme addressed in more than one article here is the situation of Jews in Italy, presented by two Italian scholars, Giorgio Israel and Massimo Introvigne. Unfortunately the calumny of the blood libel has reared its head again due to irresponsible Jewish scholarship, an issue referred to in Introvigne’s article on “The Catholic Church and the Blood Libel,” in which he points out that the popes have consistently condemned the blood libel over the centuries.

A finely reasoned article by Allan Arkush examines two new books (one published in the United States, one in Israel) addressing the issue of difference or diversity within the Jewish weltanschauung, sounding a cautious note.

We hope to hear from you, our readers, favorably or not, but above all honestly. We are always looking for interesting and challenging scholarly contributions on any topic concerning the Jewish global community today. Our plan is to expand our multilingual capabilities, and we would welcome volunteer translators. We also hope to become even more topical and interactive.

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The Editors,
Barry Rubin and Judith Roumani

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