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Volume 3, Issue 1 (August 2009 / Av 5769)
Editors' Note

Covenant: A Global Jewish Magazine

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (August 2009 / Av 5769)


Covenant  brings a new array of compelling reading.

One of our featured articles, by Andre Oboler, is on the recent controversy concerning antisemitic and anti-Israel groups such as “Israel is not a Country” on Facebook, the policy and practice of Facebook itself, and how Jewish groups have been dealing with the issue.

We present an article by a Chinese journalist, An Tifa, who writes for a Chinese newspaper, China Today, giving us a rare Chinese view on a tentative Jewish identity in China today. The article is expertly translated and annotated by Tiberiu Weisz.

Our other contributions also reflect both antisemitism and its reverse: courageous stands on behalf of Jews, Judaism, and/or Israel, on the part of a few friends of the Jewish people.

Ami Iseroff presents a thoughtful and devastating critique of a recent book published in Hebrew and French, in which Shlomo Zand maintains that there is really no such thing as a Jewish people that has been exiled from its land. Readers can imagine the consequences of such a stance among Israel’s enemies for Israel’s historical claim to a Jewish homeland.

Three other essays and interviews hint at the other side of the coin: instances of sympathizers who enabled Jews to survive during the Holocaust, whether out of self-interest or courage. Marcella Servi Siegel tells of her experiences hiding from the Fascists and Nazis in Tuscany with the help of local farmers; Arnold Reisman sheds light on Turkey’s invitations to Nazi-persecuted Intellectuals; and Aaron Eitan Meyer examines the Zionism of the British officer Orde Wingate, whose military advice was seminal.

Elsewhere in this issue, Barry Rubin writes of the near destruction of an entire Jewish community and the survival of its remnants through the courage of three Russian officers. Judith Roumani writes about a visit to a Libyan Jewish community transplanted to Israel and, in our French section, the eminent Iraqi-born writer Naïm Kattan discusses Jewish identity as one of perennial exile and displacement.

Many thanks are due to Yeru Aharoni, Keren Ribo, Petra Marquardt-Bigman, and Jonah Cohen, for their assistance with the English articles, and to Rosine Nussenblatt for editing and proofreading the French article.

Barry Rubin, Editor

Judith Roumani, Deputy Editor

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