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Criteria for Submission

Covenant is aimed at a general but sophisticated audience, Jews and others seeking new ideas about the world. Covenant is interested in both topical and thematic contributions, discussed in accessible and engaging ways. The modern world, history, politics and culture are all topics of interest to Covenant. Potential authors should feel free to contact us at covenant@idc.ac.il with proposals, suggestions for authors, and general comments.

Criteria for submission

  1. Articles submitted to Covenant for consideration should be original contributions and should not be under consideration by any other publication at the same time. If another version of the article is under consideration by another publication, or has been, or will be published elsewhere, please clearly indicate this at the time of submission. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically (via e-mail or computer disk) to covenant@idc.ac.il.
  2. There is no standard length for articles but 2,000-5,000 words (including notes and references) is a useful target.
  3. Authors should include a two line bio at the end of the article.

Journal Style: Language, Spelling and Grammar

  • Please use American spelling and punctuation throughout (e.g., 'Recognize,' not 'Recognise,' and 'color' not 'colour'). Punctuation should be placed inside quotation marks.
  • Numbers from one to ten should be spelled out, other numbers should be written as numerals.
  • Dates should be in the following form: December 21, 1999; 1994-98; the 1990s.
  • The first use of an abbreviation should be in parentheses following the full name or title [e.g. Former Soviet Union (FSU)].
  • Foreign words not known by the general public should be italicized, such as hudna or mukhtar.

Journal Style: Formatting Your Article

  • Sub-headings should be in bold, italic, and flush left. Skip one line before subhead.(e.g. Fact, Theory and Covenant)
  • All articles should be in Times New Roman 12 point font (including endnotes).
  • Title must be in Times New Roman 16 point font, centered.
  • 'By' line is center with capital B in By.
  • Websites should be linked and have http:// at the beginning. For example, http://covenant.idc.ac.il.
  • Long quotations (more than four lines) should be preceded by a colon and indented in the text without the use of quotation marks.

Journal Style: Endnotes

  • Please use the imbedded endnotes function in Word. Endnotes, rather than footnotes, should be used. For example:
    • Gavin I. Langmuir, Toward a Definition of Antisemitism (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1990).
  • The number of endnotes (please, no footnotes) should be kept to a reasonable minimum. They should be numbered consecutively throughout the article.

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